Who is Aiden Mccarthy? And what has happened to him?

Aiden Mccarthy, a toddler, was discovered alone after losing both parents in the Highland Park incident.

A two years old baby Aiden Mccarthy lost both his parents in the tragic shooting in Highland Park.  His parents were killed in the Highland Park mass shooting during a Fourth of July parade. According to sources, they were both slain during the tragedy.

The heinous crime left the infant in the world. Before he was reunited with his grandparents, his tearful images went viral in the aftermath of the incident.

Kevin McCarthy, 37, and Irina McCarthy, 35, were both identified as victims of the attack.

Aiden’s grandfather, Michael Levberg, informed the sources that authorities took the child and helped the family to reunite with the baby. 

“When I picked him up, he said, ‘Are Mommy and Daddy on their way?'” Tuesday evening, Levberg stated. “He doesn’t get it.”

 Michael was unaware of his son’s death. When the toddler went down the street by himself, He piqued the interest of local authorities and the media. CBS Chicago established a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the boy, Aiden McCarthy will live with his grandparents.

“At two years old, Aiden is left with the unfathomable situation of growing up without his parents,” according to the page.

According to sources, the baby was initially looked for by others after being discovered abandoned after the shootout. A caring couple rescued him and nurtured him.

In the interview, Dana Ring stated, “She was physically shaking, her whole body.” “Which warned us that… she shouldn’t be holding and dealing with a small child at the same time.”

“We took the small kid, and I took him in my arms,” Ring explained. He stated that he subsequently went in search of the boy’s parents. 

The local media was able to raise thousands of dollars for the family. Everyone is hoping for a promising future for the child.

According to reports, the baby is secure and unharmed. “Aiden will be cared for by his loving family, and he will have a long road ahead of him to grieve, find stability, and ultimately navigate life as an orphan,” says the statement.

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