Meghan Stabile dies at 38; shocking news outrages the music industry.

The Jazz pioneer Meghan Stabile died at the age of 38. Though after the news broke out to the fans, they treated it as a hoax or a regular troll as they found it hard to believe. But later, this news was confirmed by her brother and her boyfriend, Thundercat. 

Meghan Stabile was a gifted musician who served as the Revive Music Group’s CEO, founder, and second president. Meghan Stabile established this music company, and sources claim that under her organization’s aegis, Meghan has produced much beautiful and excellent music. She put in a lot of effort and was wholly dedicated to the music.

Her life before fame-

Born and brought up in Corpus Christi, Texas, Meghan grew up with her aunt and grandmother. She never mentioned anything about her dad and used to recall her mom only for the “abusive” relationship which she shared with her. 

She set her sights on the New York music scene after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2006, where she briefly studied singing and guitar before focusing on business courses. 

There, she launched Revive Da Live, an ambitious series of performances aimed at inspiring younger generations to enjoy jazz as much as she did.

The gleaming musical career of the maestro-

She was reviving a visit to her memorial career. Stabile was instrumental in the careers of several well-known jazz musicians, facilitating ground-breaking collaborations such as Roy Ayers and Pete Rock. 

In 2011, Ayers, a legendary vibraphonist, and vocalist with a five-decade career in jazz and R&B, linked up with hip-hop expert Pete Rock for a two-night performance. Mos Def and the Robert Glasper Experiment are two more prominent collaborations Meghan enabled. Glasper was one of Stabile’s earliest New York bookings, and she remains one of her closest friends.

Meghan’s younger brother Michael Skidds, who had set up a campaign ‘GoFundMe’ for the expenses of the funeral, remembered her sister in pain. While he asked for financial aid, he said emotionally that it was hard to forget the reminiscence of her sister’s contagious smile and the happy environment she used to create. 

Megan’s boyfriend Thundercat, a 2-time Grammy winner, celebrated the jazz musician with a tribute message for her; it said, “o my lovely Meghan, thank you for everything you did while you were here. Without your work, care, and love, many of us musicians wouldn’t be in the places we are now.”

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