Durga Devendra Nath Mishra Death, mother of Sudhir Mishra

Durga Devendra Nath Mishra is the mother of the famous Indian film director and screenwriter Sudhir Mishra, born in Lucknow and a son of Devendra Nath Mishra and Durga Devendra Nath Mishra has done many films, including Dharavi, Chameli, and hazaaron khwaishein Aisi. 

And her mother, Durga Mishra, died on 14th June on Tuesday at her residence, where all her family members were present. 

It is very distressing news as the mother’s loss is intolerant for anybody. And the director’s son, Durga Mishra also posted that now he is officially an orphan.

At this difficult moment, know-how all the celebrities provide condolence to Mr. Sudhir Mishra:- 

We all know that whether the smallest news gets circulated on the internet of the celebrity so just like that this news also circulated but this is not tiny news it is very big and sad news for all of us and especially for Sudhir Mishra, so all the actors and famous personalities reach to his home to pay tribute and show condolence to Sudhir Mishra on the loss of his mother. 

Some of them did not feel able to go there because of a hectic schedule, so they paid their condolences on social media. 

Cause of the eternal rest of Durga Devendra Nath Mishra:-

It is confirmed by sources that, like all other older adults, she also suffers from some illness. 

Still, there is some complication in her illness from the same period, due to which the body of the famous Sudhir Mishra’s mother is deteriorating daily. The illness also damages the body parts. 

She was treated by medical staff so that they could improve her health, but unfortunately, she died. The real cause of the death is still not very much clear.

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