Honlang Aran Dies, Cause of Death, Passed Away, Obituary

Death of the Honlang Aran in the Road Accident

Honlang Aran is of kaim village which is in Tirap district . He died in a road accident and was Upper Division Clerk in the BDO office. 

The news of Aran’s death has come into sight and is a matter of great discussion among people and on social media. 

When this news reaches all the people and the office of BDO, they all pay tribute to Aran, and people, including his colleagues, his friends, and his family member who is close to Honlang Aran, pay tribute to him and describe their brief on the loss of his close one. 

Another member of his team also died on the same spot:- 

Based on sources, it is confirmed that the other three members also died in the road accident on the same spot, and one member survived a severe injury due to a Road accident.

The three who died were also members of the UDC means umbrella for the democratic campaign. The accident occurred near 9 pm on Saturday near Avani hotel in Gaborone, and they all went in Toyota Tazz, which accidentally collided with Nissan Navara. Due to it, all three members died immediately, and their son was injured.  

His death was disheartening because Aran was a dedicated and respectful person:-

Honlang Aran was promoted in 2021 to UDC. He was very serious regarding his work, and he always emphasized his work over other things. 

He is a very dedicated person, and due to this habit, this man has a significant impact on all the people he meets, and they all respect him and are tributing him. And he is also trending on social media due to his name, which is made by his hard work.

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