Where Is Jacob Morgan Now? Autistic Teen Killed Brother In House Fire – Parole Update

Jacob Morgan is known to be a young killer who is currently incarcerated after burning his fourteen-month-old brother on fire in March 2015.

Where Is Jacob Morgan Now? 

In 2016, he was arrested with 3rd arson, negligent homicide, and teen neglect. He should be incarcerated for the next Fifteen years of his life. 

On May 18, 2022, the inmate was not released after his second session. Jacob Matt Morgan has been imprisoned since March 2015, accused of murdering his half-brother named Joshua Alexander Hill. 

After being indicted as a teenage killer, he admitted guilt to murder on October 26, 2021. In 2015, Jacob was only 17 when he set fire to his house to kill his fourteen-month-old sibling. As a result, charges of inciting separatism, teen endangering, and third-degree arson have indeed been brought on him.

Jacob Morgan Parole Updates:

According to the courthouse record, he established two fires inside the house, one from the left of the new child and the other to the left of the residence, but Morgan has not explained how the fire was started. 

He initially claimed he threw a pillow by mistake but afterwards claimed he ignited a pillow on flame and threw it into the atmosphere. Authorities believe the fire occurred inside the lounge and main bedroom, where the newborn infant slept. 

An adolescent murderer in South Carolina was denied parole on May 18 after serving seven years in prison for just a deadly Rock Hill fire that killed his younger sibling. Despite this refusal, according to state laws, Jacob Matthew Morgan appears to be on the verge of someone being released from prison in December.

He would have completed half of the term at that moment. Following a videoconferencing hearing, a South Carolina Parole Board panel unanimously refused Jacob’s application for parole. The meeting of something like the parole board was conducted in Columbia.

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