Oliver Muldowney, the man denies murdering his neighbour in a jealous rage

What did Oliver Muldowney do?

A father of three has denied killing a man with a knife because of rumours that the victim had slept with his girlfriend. Tim Hipperson, 39, was allegedly killed by a knife by Oliver Muldowney, 35, who had accused him of having an affair with Bobbie Tomkins.

On May 17, 2021, in Richmond, southwest London, Muldowney allegedly questioned the victim, “Think you can f*** Bobbie?” before repeatedly stabbing him. Three days after bleeding to death on Kings Road, Mr. Hipperson passed away in a hospital. Muldowney, who looked smart in a white shirt and dark tie, did not agree to the stabbing during his evidence at the Old Bailey.

What were the replies given by Oliver Muldowney?

“Do you admit to stabbing Tim Hipperson with the purpose to murder or cause great bodily injury because you thought he had slept with Bobbie,” asked the defence attorney Giles Cockings, QC? 

“Not at all,” Muldowney replied.

“Did you ever have a suspicion that Tim Hipperson had slept with Bobbie?” questioned Mr. Cockings. Not that I’m aware of, Muldowney answered. He stated he may have made threats but that his “bark was bigger than his bite” and that he never acted violently in response to the allegations of Ms. Tomkins’ cheating.

Muldowney claimed to have known Ms. Tomkins since he was 16 years old, and he called their early interactions “amazing.” He claimed that she was an excellent mother and worked at a nursery in Richmond. However, he claimed that things began to deteriorate in 2016 when Ms. Tomkins experienced a difficult period and began abusing drugs. She simply lost interest. She gave a damn about nothing or anyone, including the kids, me, or the other person.

The co-defendant Bonnie Eastwood, 19, who is accused of intimidating witnesses, is one of the couple’s three children and the oldest. Elaine Doyle, a prosecution witness, was allegedly threatened with “severe consequences” by Eastwood over the phone in an attempt to dissuade her from testifying.

Despite having an “extremely intimate” relationship, Muldowney said Eastwood was technically his stepdaughter.

What were the things admitted by Oliver Muldowney?

Muldowney reportedly gained money by selling class A drugs, although he never used them himself, according to the jury. He claimed that because many male drug dealers want $exual favours in exchange, he viewed Bobbie’s drug usage to be “devastating.”

Following the assault on Mr. Hipperson, Muldowney is accused of escaping with Jonathan Nash, 36, to a neighbouring house owned by his partner Natalie Stevens, 38. By reserving Muldowney a cab to Brentford, Stevens reportedly assisted Muldowney in escaping.

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