Sean Casten Daughter died at the age 17.

Sean Casten’s Daughter died at the age of 17 – On Monday, 13th June 2022 Congressman’s office shared a tweet where they declared that Illinois Rep. Sean Casten’s Daughter, who was just 17 years old passed away on Monday. Her name was Gwen Casten. 

Who is Sean Casten- Know his identity: 

Sean Casten is a famous personality in the United States. Sean was born in 1971 on 23rd November in Dublin, Ireland. 

After that, he completed his education in Ireland and holds a graduation degree with a Bachelor of Arts in molecular biology. He also completed his graduation in Biochemistry in the year 1993. 

After that, he joined Thayer School of Engineering in the year 1998 and completed his graduation with a Master of Engineering and Management. Completing his education he jointly started work with his father. 

In 2007 he and his father Tom Casten established Recycled Energy Development, known as RED. In the Current day, Sean Casten is a famous and popular business in America. Besides looking at his business, he also joined politics and is now the main face of Illinois’s 6th congressional district Congress in the US. 

What happened to his Daughter: 

Sean Casten’s Daughter who was just 17 years old pursuing her studies at Downers Grove North High School. In the year 2022, the month of May, she completed her graduation from the same High school. 

According to his father, Sean, after graduation, her next plan was to be admitted to the University of Vermont to continue her further studies in environmental science. But unfortunately, the 17 years old girl passed away on Monday, 13th June. 

The official reason behind her death was not published yet and the actual reason was unclear to everybody. During her graduation time, she took an active role in the AAPI Student Union. 

On her demise, the AAPI Student union shared an Instagram post where they said it was very sad and heartbroken for them. She was excellent in various activities including Changemakers, band, NHS, and math team.

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