Why were Navika Kumar and Nupur Sharma arrested?

The police officer informed about the anchor of Times Now name is Navika Kumar, and Nupur Sharma were arrested the under the section 295-A due to cautious and malicious act which was intended to indignation denomination feelings of any category by insulting its denomination that is religious beliefs of an Indian Penal code (IPC).

In June, the BJP suspended Nupur Sharma following criticism by various West Asian countries for her comments against the Prophet. She informed me that she received murder threats over her comments. But the death threats that occurred against Nupur Sharma will not be acceptable. In Mature democracy, the debate is important but crossing its limits is not ok.

Reported FIR against the TV journalist Navika Kumar for comments made by Nupur Sharma in a news argument

Superior TV journalist Navika Kumar has been labeled in an FIR that is First Information Report registered in Parbhani district in Maharashtra. 

On Tuesday, Police informed about the FIR, which was reported against now dormant the BJP that is Bharatiya Janata Party is BJP representative that is Nupur Sharma, who had supposedly created offensive arguments against Prophet Mohammad at the time of the news debate which Ms. Kumar hosted. 

Objectionable remarks created by Nupur Sharma against the Prophet at the time of ‘prime time’ news are aired by Times.

By whom was the FIR registered?

On Monday, the First Information Report (FIR) was registered by a Muslim cleric at the location of the Nenalpeth police station. 

The Muslim cleric who accused Navika Kumar and Nupur Sharma was to outrage religious feelings. And this is well-proven official information. 

Various FIRs were registered against Nupur Sharma in Maharashtra and other states in the awakening of her arguments despite a Muslim Cleric named Prophet who led to enormous outrage in India and in gulf countries. 

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