Who was Stellah Memusi? Elijah Memusi’s Wife Stellah Dies In Road Crash

Stellah Memusi, a known wife of Kajiado Central Member of Parliament Elijah Memusi, met her death on Monday night in Isinya, Kajiado East, after a fatal accident, according to reports and news.

Stellah Memusi Wiki, Age, Biography

Elijah Memusi of Kajiado Central got married to a girl named Stellah Memusi. Elijah Memusi has become a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) since the year 2017 and is a candidate for the Kajiado Central district in the Republic of Kenya.

Stellah Memusi appears to be in her late thirties. However, we don’t know her precise birthday date, and also there is no information about where she was born or even who her parents are. As the research is going on, this will be known soon. Also, Stellah Memusi’s net worth is a closely guarded secret.


How Stellah Memusi Died?

Stellah Memusi, the very known wife of Elijah Memusi, met in a traffic road accident and died, unfortunately. Elijah Memusi lost his wife, Stella Memusi, in a tragic road accident. Stella Memusi died almost instantly in the collision, but the driver of the inadequate vehicle suffered just cuts and bruises.

 A horrible crash occurred along the Nairobi Namanga expressway, just past Isinya town, on Monday evening, May 30, 2022. As the records suggest, Stella was already on her way back home when this disaster accident took place.

The fatal accident that occurred around 23:10 a.m. was terrible. It’s a horrible circumstance. I want to encourage everyone on the road to be responsible for their safety and also the safety of others. If such a vehicle stops on the road, it is advisable and mandatory to place road markings alerting other motorists to the possible threat. Leaving a car on the road is disrespectful and inhumane, placing other car drivers in danger, especially at night when visibility is low. Mwongera explains this.

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