Where is Marcela Whaley Now? Marcela Whaley Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents

Marcela Whaley: In 2001 a lady named Tzatzi was brutally murdered by her former partner in Los Angeles. Are you shocked to know about the love triangle between a couple and a lady, which eventually led to that lady’s death? Continue reading to know more about Tzatzi Sanchez’s death.

Who killed Marcela Whaley?

The incident took place on 14th January 2001 in Los Angeles. Marcela Whaley was a Mexican lady who seemed to be in her 60’s looking at her pictures. Marcela’s personal information is unidentified, such as age, birthplace, and parents. She is known as the killer of Tzatzi Sanchez. Many people were involved in this murder, along with Marcela, who was also dating the victim. 

Tzatzi’s friends mentioned that she was a friendly person in and outside the college. Entire. Everything began when a couple named Marcela Whaley and Kimberlyn moved into her house. Marcela and Tzatzi eventually started dating, but soon after their breakup, Tzatzi moved to Kimberlyn, giving rise to a love triangle; when Marcela found out that she got betrayed, she sent a few people to Tzatzi’s house to kill her.

How was Marcela’s killer found?

The two witnesses of Tzatzi’s murder were Carlos Rene Villafana and Juan Antonio Mayen. They saw the killer break into Tzatzi’s house. When the officers reached her house, they saw her fallen naked on the floor, gagged with a scarf and having bruises all over her body. The forensic reports proved that she was raped before being killed. One of the witnesses, Juan, was far asleep when he heard Carlos scream. Carlos was hit with a wine bottle by the killer. 

When Juan reached there, he and his friend managed to get the murderer under control. Later they were taken into custody, and it was found out that they were sent by a lady named Marcela Whaley. Marcela was charged with 39 years of jail imprisonment after being proven guilty in 2007.

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