Who is Darnell Erby? What all information we know of the suspect?

Darnell Erby, 44, of Sacramento, was charged with suspicion of the murder. According to authorities, the incident occurred on July 19 in the 5200 block of Field Street, where a lady was discovered mutilated. 

The corpse had to be identified by the coroner. As per the state police command, Erby was detained and placed in prison on the accusation of murder on the very same day as the crime.

There are no other suspicions about the crime, and the only other evidence has been disclosed. Contact the Sacramento Attorney General’s office or Local Police if you have any knowledge.

Officials have suspected 44-year-old Darnell Erby as the murderer of the July 19 killing.

Darnell Erby, 44, of Sacramento, was named the culprit in the July 19 murder by the prosecutor’s department. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the accused in a North Highlands murder left the deceased “disemboweled over and above recognition.”

The pathetic condition in which the victim was discovered:

In the same instance, Erby was apprehended, and the deceased had been discovered at her apartment on the 5200 block of Field Drive, across Watt Avenue within North Highlands. According to the prosecutor’s department, the coroner’s office recognized the woman was 77-year-old Pamela Garrett May.

Erby was arrested and taken to the Sacramento County Main Prison. He is already being jailed and denied parole on a felony charge of manslaughter. 

He is also charged with assault and robbery, as per legal filings. It’s uncertain whether this has anything to do with the killing. Currently, the prosecutor’s department will not provide any other details.

Investigators request that anybody with knowledge about this event approach the prosecutor’s department. Undercover informant data can also be provided.

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