Who is Ryan Patrick Delanty? Wiki, Age, Biography

What did Ryan Patrick do?

In an alleged hazing event that left a former 19-year-old University of Missouri student wheelchair-bound, blind, and mute, two males have been prosecuted.

Ryan Patrick Delanty of Ballwin and Thomas Andrew Shultz of Chesterfield were charged with misdemeanour criminal harassment and misdemeanour furnishing alcohol to an underage or intoxicated person by a grand jury in Boone County, Missouri, on Friday, according to Louis. Dispatch Post. According to the article, Delanty is roughly 20 years old, while Shultz is 21.

What crime did Ryan Patrick Delanty commit?

In his lawsuit against the fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, its owner, and 23 members, Santulli, who is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, is supported by his parents Thomas and Mary Pat.

According to the Post-Dispatch, all parties involved—with the exception of two—resolved the civil dispute outside of court. The Columbia Missourian claims that Schultz is also liable for fabricating tangible evidence in criminal prosecution.

According to David Bianchi, the Santulli family’s attorney, “this is the worst injury that fraternities have ever done in the United States.” We have 30 years of experience in this industry. I am familiar with the bullying terrain. I am acquainted with defenders of brotherhoods. And everyone concurs that this is the worst possible scenario.

As per the lawsuit, Santulli arrived at the fraternity home on the night of October 19, 2021, for the so-called “Night of the Pope’s Promise Revealed,” following weeks of sleep deprivation and made it clear that he was rushing.

“Several times.” At various hours of the night, he was to bring the brothers food, beer, and marijuana while also cleaning their chambers. He was also instructed to enter a trash can full of shattered glass, which resulted in a nasty cut on his leg that required stitching and necessitated the use of crutches.

The lawsuit claims that Schultz collected alcohol at night while serving as the fraternity’s president. He was given the family bottle of vodka by Delanti, also known as Santulli’s pawn-father, and told to drink it all.

Alec Wetzler, a St. Louis-based fraternity member, used a funnel to squirt beer into Santulli’s mouth. According to the lawsuit, another party witnessed Santulli’s health deteriorates but did nothing as he was left on the couch with a blood alcohol level of.468. Pale skin and blue lips dropped to the ground as Santulli slid from the couch.

He was eventually taken to the hospital, where the medical team discovered that his heart had stopped and that he had ceased breathing. He was put on a ventilator and given resuscitation.

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