Who was Colin Jeffrey Haynie? And what has happened to him?

A Utah teen confesses to killing his family on a systematic basis.

Colin Jeffrey is making headlines. He is suspected of murdering members of his family. This horrible occurrence occurred when he was 16 years old. Colin Jeffrey is accused of killing his mother and three younger siblings. He has admitted guilt to multiple charges of murder and attempted murder which involves a jail term of 25 years in prison if convicted.

What has happened to him?

Authorities earlier detailed how he stayed home after school on Jan. 17, 2020, equipped with a pistol and anticipated for every member of his relatives to finally get home, as per the source. 

 The murders allegedly started at 1 p.m., as Haynie’s mom and sister returned home. Haynie’s mom would have just brought her up from school. As per prosecutors, both individuals were wounded many twice in the head, throat, and upper chest. Haynie was accused of shooting his sister Alexis when she returned from school. then he killed his brother. 

He allegedly shot the victim in the leg as he entered the house. his father got elder Haynie wounded, and the two wrestled over the pistol till Haynie allegedly whacked his father in the head with a hard unidentified item.

According to legal papers, “[the father] stated that he informed the defendant that the defendant’s mother would be heartbroken if the defendant murdered him.” “He said that the defendant told him that his mother and other siblings had died.”

The father was eventually capable of pulling the pistol from his kid, and a close relative is said to have driven them to the medical center care.

According to the relative, “he happened to drop something off at the house, unknowing of the dreadful events that had occurred.”

“His attorneys collaborated with the Tooele County Attorney’s Office to keep Jeffery in the juvenile justice system, where programmes and resources are specifically designed to address the development needs of juvenile offenders, including education, training, and mental health,” according to the lawyer’s statement.

“This is a devastating case for everyone involved, including the family, extended family, neighbours and friends, church congregation, kids and classmates, and the entire town, county, and state communities,” Bautista added.

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