Who was Ethan Liming? Ethan Liming Cause of Death, Dies, Obituary

A Teenager Was Murdered Near I Promise School: Ethan Liming Body, aged 17, Has Been Identified.

On Thursday at 11 pm, a 17-year-old boy was found brutally murdered at I Promise School beside the basketball courts on West Market Street, Akron. Ethan Liming was recognized as the dead teenager. Ethan was with a gang of friends when they arrived in the school parking lot. 

Ethan and his friends got into a confrontation with at least three more boys already on the premises playing basketball. He was then badly injured and violently beaten during the incident. LeBron James, the founder of the I Promise School, extended his heartfelt condolence to Ethan’s family and relatives. 

Ethan Liming’s Cause of Death, Obituary

Boys brutally beat up Ethan Liming at the I Promise School Basketball Court premises. While pulling into the school parking lot, Ethan was with some of his friends. At least three other boys were playing basketball on the premises when Ethan and his friends got into a confrontation. 

He was physically injured and brutally beaten following the confrontation. Friends of Ethan ran out of the house to contact 911, alerting authorities of the incident. According to authorities, Ethan suffered serious injuries. He was confirmed dead mere minutes after being discovered. LeBron James, the founder of the I Promise School, and many others sent heartfelt condolences to Ethan’s family and friends. His sudden passing is a great loss for his family.

Reason Behind the Confrontation-

There is no known reason behind Ethan’s confrontation with the group of boys. However, the police and authorities are investigating the same. They are behind the group of boys. The arrest and other procedures are not reported. Ethan’s friends must be taken for an interrogation hoping they will get information about the confrontation and the cause of death. A confrontation between teens resulted in the tragic death of a family member, which is very sad and heartbreaking.

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