EL Noba- Lautaro Coronel death, Cause of Death, Obituary

EI Noba- Lautaro Coronel Cause of Death, Dies

This is very shocking news of the Lautaro Coronel was well likely to be known for EI Noba, a famous 25 years old cumbia singer who tolerated a traffic accident in the location of Florencio Varela. On 24th May, Lautaro Coronel went to rest in peace. And while leaving, he went on struggling a lot. The musician was smacked by a car while driving the Buenos Aires town for Florencio Varela, from which he was vernacular. The musician was being cherished at the EI Cruce Nestor Kirchner high complexity center, where all medical employees excrete their whole energy to keep him alive. 

After finishing all evaluations that are a requirement for certification, they were all very sad to inform us about the death of Lautaro Coronel, who remained admitted to their hospital of Intensive Care Unit. And at this time, they all are along with his family members. After getting the official news of the death of Lautaro Coronel, the entire social media was filled with a sense of sadness. 

On the 3rd June 2022, that man, on Friday at the time of 1:00 p.m. From the High Complexity Hospital administration in Red EI Cruce, the doctor informed that after excreting out all the appraisals needed for Lautaro Coronel certification. All the staff members very much regretted the information related to the death of Lautaro Coronel. And also informed that Lautaro Coronel was admitted to their institution’s Adult Intensive Care unit on 24th May 2022. Now they all are with the family members of Lautaro Coronel and take care of them.

About the real name of EI Noba-

The real name of EI Noba was Lautaro Coronel. And Lautaro Coronel was recognized as the name of EI Noba.

About the accident of EI Noba-

The information we got from the two witnesses is that EI Noba was driving his motorbike to perform maneuvers at that time onwards he was smacked by a white Peugeot 308. The medical report of Lautaro Coronel, which was released on Thursday, represents the 25 years old singer who was in a very critical situation and had a fair prognosis just after getting hit by a car with his motorbike as he was without his helmet and also fell off the asphalt. His first diagnosis was declared his head injury. And Noba was admitted to the hospital with this bad situation of respiratory assistance. 

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