Who was Suhith Mahendra and how did he die?

A 23-year-old Indian student died after impaling himself on a park fence while returning home with takeout.

Suhith Mahendra, who was aged 23, was on his way home to Oxford Brookes University dorms with a buddy after purchasing food in the early hours of the morning when he took a shortcut over a park fence, which resulted in his death.

An inquest heard that an undergraduate was found dead after repeatedly stabbing himself on fences while taking a late-night shortcut through a park. Suhith Mahendra, 23, was last seen in the early hours of May 19 on his journey back from picking up lunch with a buddy. He allegedly tried to ‘climb or jump’ over some metal railings as the couple cut via an alleyway adjacent to a council-owned park.

However, Suhith, an Oxford Brookes marketing student, impaled himself on the spikes, suffering two abdominal wounds, according to an inquiry. Despite his friend’s CPR efforts, he was pronounced dead at 5.25 a.m. at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Mr. Salter, who opened the inquest into his death yesterday, stated that the impaling deceased was born in India in July 1998. He was an Oxford Brookes University student who lived in Cowley’s Hollow Way dorms.

A statement released by Oxford Brook University on Suhith Mahendra’s death:

“It is with great sadness that we can report that Suhith Mahendra passed away due to an accident on Cuckoo Lane at the boundary with Clive Booth Student Village on May 19,” an Oxford Brookes University spokeswoman said in a statement last night.

“At this awful time, our sympathies and prayers are with his family members and friends.” We are standing behind his family and everyone who has been impacted by this atrocity. If students require emotional assistance, they are invited to call the University’s Wellbeing Service, or they can get 24/7 support via TogetherAll.”

“If students require emotional assistance, they should call the University Welfare Service, or they can use TogetherAll’s 24/7 support.”

Mr. Suhith Mahendra was pursuing a master’s degree in marketing at the time of his death, according to reports. On August 25, a complete inquest investigating Mr. Mahendra’s death will be convened.

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