Gwen Casten daughter of the Illinois representative passed away

The cause of Gwen Casten’s death is still not known

Gwen Casten, the 17-year-old daughter of Illinois Representative Sean Casten, died Monday morning, according to his office. His office claimed the lawmaker’s “loving daughter, Gwen (17) passed away” in a brief statement posted on Twitter on Monday night.” The Casten family has requested privacy, and we will make no additional statements during this difficult time,” the statement said. Casten’s office declined to comment on the cause of death.

Gwen Casten recently participated in a campaign video

The girl had recently participated in a campaign video supporting her father’s candidacy for re-election to the House of Representatives for a third term. She talked about how turning 18 will be a “huge year” full of “plenty of milestones,” like “voting for the first time,” in the video, which was posted earlier this month. But not for just anyone.”Sean Casten is a writer. My representative in Congress. But I just refer to him as “Dad.” “She mentioned this in a video in which she praised her father’s work to pass new gun legislation and defend abortion rights.

Everyone pays their respects and prayers to Gwen Casten’s family members

Casten serves Illinois’ 6th Congressional District as a Democrat. According to his campaign website, he was first elected in 2018 and was the first Democrat to represent the area in 50 years. In response to his office’s announcement, tributes and words of support came in for Casten’s family. In a tweet, Illinois state Rep. Bob Morgan said, “This is horrific beyond words.” “I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope you find strength in the days ahead. Gwen’s memory may be a blessing to all of us.”Please accept my heartfelt apologies. I’m sending you lots of love and light “Juliana Stratton, Illinois’ Lt. Governor, stated. Principal Courtney DeMent of North High School in Downers Grove, Illinois, asked students and families to remember Casten’s family. In a written statement, DeMent said, “Our school community is grieving the loss of 2022 graduate Gwen Casten, a magnificent star.” “Right now, a lot of people are in pain.”

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