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The shocking news of a 72-year-old electronic music gear designer, Dave Smith, has been confirmed by the members of Synthesizer. 

The staff of the Synthesizer website revealed shocking news of the death of one of the most hard-working and oldest members, Dave Smith. His death deeply saddens the entire staff of Synthesizer. Read the below article to know more about the late electronic music gear designer Mr. Dave Smith.

Who was Dave Smith? And where I’m his contributions to the music gear industry?

The website called Synthesizer announced the saddening news of their pioneer passing away. Dave Smith, the owner of Sequential and pioneer of Synthesizer, passed away recently at 72. The website he worked for mentioned that you can visit there if you want to share your thoughts about Dav Smith. 

Dave Smith was an electronic music gear designer, and he is known for his various music gear stations. He named the instruments he created, Sequential, as those were not just his creations. He made them with the support of his entire Sequential team. 

He created strings for classic instruments, which had pro-5 in 1974. He appealed to the Audio Engineering Society of New York to use Universal Sensitizer Interface to interconnect electronic musical instruments. Dave created the first Musical Instruments Digital Interface synth in December 1982. He debuted this new standard in a NAMM show in January 1983. For developing MIDI, he received a Grammy Award in 2013. 

Even in his 70’s, Dave Smith worked hard. Dave was also appointed as the president of the Seer system and is known as the ‘Father of MIDI.’ He has contributed a lot to creating music gears by collaborating with other electronic music gear designers.   

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