Who was Dr Stephanie Husen? Wiki, Age, Biography, Dies, Obituary

Dr. Stephanie Husen: An Orthopedic surgeon in Tulsa                                      

Authorities reported on a day off Thursday that a gun massacre inside a Tulsa medical building killed two specialists, a receptionist, and a military veteran his wife accompanied to a check-up. The victims of Wednesday’s shooting were identified by one of the police, officials from the Saint Francis Health System, and others. One of the very known doctors had worked previously for a professional basketball team, while the other was an avid college football fan. Police also claimed that the fourth victim was known to be an Army veteran who gave his life or his wife during the attack.

Dr Stephanie Husen died in an open shooting that took place in Tulsa:

Husen, Dr. Preston Phillips, receptionist Amanda Glenn, and patient William Love died in an open shooting on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Stephanie Husen died and served as a doctor at the Tulsa health clinic where the incident occurred. They got shot in the process of serving the people. Dr. Ryan Parker, associate medical officer for Saint Francis Health System, said they were killed on duty. Husen matriculated from Ponca City High School in the year 1992.

Dr Stephanie Husen Wiki, Age, Bio

Husen is known to be the age of 48 and specializes in sports medicine, according to the hospital state’s website. She also earned her medical degree from a very famous university called Oklahoma State University in 2000. She went on to Greenville Memorial Hospital and the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas in South Carolina for additional training. Husen, according to Robertson, was “a great person.”

Dr. Stephanie Husen was a very known osteopathic medicine doctor at a very known hospital named Saint Francis Hospital; he was characterized as an outstanding person by Robertson. Husen used to work at the clinic named Warren Clinic in the post of sports and internal medicine expert, according to the Tulsa police of Tulsa. She was also a known member of the Chi Omega Sorority at the University of Oklahoma, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. In a statement on social media, the chapter said that today we grieve the loss of one of our comrades of PC’92.’

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family who’ve already lost such a person known to be a remarkable individual. She was very well-known and well-loved by many people, and she will be remembered forever. No words can ever ease the suffering of those affected, but please know that we are here to help and will continue to pray; this message has been added for her.

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