How did Jackie Jessup Die? What happened to Jackie Jessup?

Member of Henry County Chamber Jackie Jessup tragic encounter with motorbike accident

Jackie Jessup, complete name Jacqueline Tyler Jessup, was indeed a participant of Georgia’s Henry County Business association. On May 3, 2017, she was killed in a motorbike crash. Her story is tragic even though she had previously survived breast and thyroid cancer.

Jessup was already in the automobile with her husband, Timothy Jessup, at the time of the crash. Timothy was fortunate to sustain relatively minor injuries. Because he lost his spouse in the disaster, the word “lucky” may have a terrible significance for him though he’ll now have to look for his children on his own.

The memorial tribute for Jackie Jessup:

According to Jackie Jessup’s funeral, released by dignity burial, she perished on May 3, 2017, in an automobile crash with her spouse, Timothy Jessup. She was born in 1969, but unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 47.

Jackie, a native of Dekalb County, Georgia, enjoyed riding motorbikes, but she had no idea that her pastime might someday take her life. Her parents and neighbors remembered her for who she was and how much she enjoyed herself. Jackie loved to spend her leisure time with loved ones, hitting the beach and doing other outdoor activities. She didn’t get to savor them for long enough because, unfortunately, she perished too early.

Jackie Jessup’s family’s lifetime:

Jackie was a married woman with children and stepchildren. She married Timothy Jessup and had two kids with him: Dakota David Tyler and Lauren Elizabeth Tyler. Kristin and Kara Jessup were Jackie’s non-biological kids. This suggests Timothy was most likely her second spouse.

Jackie was born to an American dad Jack Hartwell Smith and her mother, Edna, which adds to the background of her upbringing. Her father passed away while she was little, and her mom eventually married her stepfather, Don Gilmer. Jackie’s home is devoid of other kids. 

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