Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson is not their mother.

There was news that went viral on the internet in 2020 that Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson had died, and she is the mother of Michelle Obama. Rumors spread, and every person begins to think this news is accurate. 

She is dead, but that’s not true even though we know that most of the news on the internet spreads falsely and very rapidly, and we cannot do anything, but we can first check the complete information then believe any print or site. It is a personal matter of the Obama family, but still, personally doesn’t remain personal in this world, especially for rich and famous people.

How did the rumor spread so much:-

When we talk about how the rumor spread so vividly, we can say that the people did not conduct any fact-checking news outlets, and numerous websites gave headlines about that story and declared that it was breaking news. 

It said that the mother of Michelle, Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson, died at the age of 84, and she also decided in her will that her son Michael Robinson Obama would get everything. After this, people begin to question Michelle Obama.

History of the news and family relation:-

Michelle Obama, the wife of the 44th United States president, is not Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson’s real child. Her birth mother is Marian Shields Robinson, who is healthy and still alive. 

And there is so much confusion in the facts provided by different sites that Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson does exist or not in a real person. And in the article, it is written that she died quietly, which was not a natural cause. The article was humorous and satirical, so false information was written.

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