How did Jesie Gil Die? What happened to Jesie Gil?

Three Teenagers, including Jesie Gil, Died After the Collision of a Ford Mustang and an SUV

This Monday night in Staten Island, a massive crash occurred between a fast-moving sports cast Mustang and a large SUV. The victims of this car crash were a sister and a brother. 

This small 16-year-old girl had also scheduled a party in the coming week. These two brothers and sisters are Fernanda Gil, who is 16 years old, and her younger brother Jessie Gil who is 15. These two siblings were driving a muscular sports car and speeding too. 

On the other hand, the SUV had five travelers in it, which included a 47 years old driver, two women with ages 44 and 18, a 23-year young man, and also an 11-year-old girl; they had some minor injuries and were taken to the Staten Island University Hospital North for the treatment. 

Ford Driver with No License-

The 16-year-old Mustang driver had a D learner license which needed an adult in the front seat. His mother owned this Ford Mustang. Police are still investigating the speed they were traveling at. Over speeding and not having the proper skill for driving took their life. 

Parents Broken into Pieces-

These siblings were the only children of their parents. They were planning the birthday party, but they needed to make arrangements for their funeral. This was an unrecoverable loss, and they were very nervous after this event. Investigation of the speed as well as the car is going on. Investigators are collecting different pieces of cars which were broken. 

The competitive car is destroyed. We can imagine the impact of this massive collision as the car was broken into many parts. Relatives said that the driver was Ashley’s boyfriend, who was seriously injured in this car crash but somehow managed to survive.     

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