How did Pardeep Brar Die? What happened to Pardeep Brar?

Pardeep Brar was shot in King West nightclub. 

We all know the history of the club that there exist some things related to some illegal things or murder accident type because at that place most of the people come to release their stress and adults and teenagers come to enjoy there so if any criminal wants to do something that is the best place. 

After all, most people are drunk there, and they are not in their complete senses, so the criminal does whatever he wants, just like that incident at King West nightclub. In which the criminal shot two people, and one of them died.

How the incident took place at the club:-

There is news that one person shot two people, one of whom is Pardeep Brar. He was 26 years old, and one was a woman who was alive. Still, Pradeep is dead, so we do not have all the details of the incident since not many people can provide the details at that club. 

These people may have enjoyed themselves in the club before this incident. Pradeep died on Sunday after he had been taken to the hospital, where he died because of his injuries.

Police are doing an investigation regarding this case:-

Now, this is the job of the police to find out the people who could be behind this incident. The police had also requested the public who were present or had any information about the incident. 

They are trying to suspect who could be behind this incident, and police have provided some mobile numbers with an address to reach out to them and tell them about the incident. And this incident took place at 3:33 am on 11 July at the club.

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