Jonathan Douglas Sapirman killed people at the Indiana mall.

There is news by the police, and they have provided many details about the incident in Indiana where almost three people died. Two people were injured by a shooting done by 20-year-old man Jonathan Douglas Superman. And when we talk about Greenwood, it is 25 km south of Indianapolis. 

The police said that the gunman who had killed three people had already planned to do a shooting in the Indiana shopping mall, and he had first prepared himself in the washroom for an hour, and after he came with the rifle. Greenwood Police Chief James Ison provides these details.

Details of the incident of how Jonathan was shot in the mall:-

First, he went to the washroom, came out from there with the rifle, and started shooting people. So three people are dead now, and the victims include a couple of Indianapolis named Pedro Pineda and Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 56 and 37 years, and one more person, Victor Gomez age of 30 years from Indianapolis, after which the people came who we know as our hero and protector one legally armed bystander standed against the gunman and shot him his name is Elisjsha Dicken of just 22 years.

Everyone praised and gave thanks to armed citizens:-

Everyone praises him because If he does not present there, the gunman will kill many people. He is the only one who had defeated his actions and with his bravery and even the government and officials are also praising this armed citizen because he had saved many people’s lives and said his actions as heroic after that officials had said that he is standing with the grief of a family who had lost their family member.

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