How did Rafael Reynaldo die? What happened to Rafael Reynaldo?

Rafael Reynaldo, an employee at Amazon, after his untimely death during the Prime Day chaos, Mota Frias was remembered as a “selfless guy.”

The family of an Amazon employee who died on the job in New Jersey on Prime Day has remembered him as a “great person.” Reynaldo Rafael According to reports, Mota Frias, a Dominican citizen living in La Romana, went away on July 13 at the EWR9 Amazon warehouse in Carteret due to a heart attack.

In memoriam to Rafael Reynaldo, from his loved ones:

His tragic death was memorialised by his loved ones, including a statement from his niece: “You will never be forgotten. The kind of man you will live on in our hearts forever. constantly worried about other people’s safety and security. He was enthusiastic, funny, and concerned. The cousin of Mota Frias, Marlen Frias, was quoted in The Daily Beast as saying that his cousin was a “great person” and a family man who “always bothered about everyone else.”

Like Rafael’s coworkers, Marlen complained about the dreadful circumstances in the warehouse. Though skilled at his work, Marlen felt it was too taxing to keep him there. There had previously been reports that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor was looking into the circumstances surrounding Mota Frias’s untimely demise (OSHA).

Cause of Rafael Reynaldo’s death:

Multiple coworkers at the same location speculate that the lack of air conditioning in the main work area contributed to his death. An unidentified coworker told The Daily Beast that Mota Frias had asked for fans hours before he collapsed. They said it was crazy because I was right there. Amazon as a whole, in my opinion, could have done a lot more to fix the problem.

Even after the man passed out and was taken away by Amazon’s on-site first aid centre, AmCare, coworkers allegedly got orders to continue working. The anonymous source added that even if that were true, no one would have wanted him to work in the building since it was too hot. They’re making it sound like he had a heart attack to try to discredit him. Another person added, “They definitely need to perform much, much better. This is a firm worth a trillion dollars. It’s not acceptable for these establishments to just have air conditioning in the common areas (such as the dining hall and the offices) and not in the areas where actual work is being done (where we are provided with fans). Indoor temperatures are likely to mirror those outside. Unfortunately, this is a common event that should not be happening.

After Mota Frias’s death, both sources said, water and Liquid IV electrolyte tablets were given out to everyone who worked there. Why have they started giving out bottled water at our stations if the temperature in the warehouse had nothing to do with his death? “The next day, management started telling us to drink water and remain hydrated,” a third worker said.

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