“Mental breakdowns” were reported among passengers of American Airlines

Mental breakdowns” were reported among passengers of American Airlines after their plane was stuck on the runway for several hours without air conditioning.

An American Airlines flight that was supposed to depart from North Carolina and head to New York City was delayed for six hours before it finally took off. The passengers on board reported feeling anxious throughout the delay. According to the Charlotte Observer, which was the first publication to report on the incident, several of the passengers who were waiting to depart from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Sunday broke down and cried, and at least one of them experienced a panic attack due to the high temperatures inside the aircraft.

Tweets concerning the bad experience that the passengers had to go through:

On Twitter, Observer writer Genna Contino, who was present during the event, stated that the airline did not supply any snacks or drinks and that the air conditioning was turned off at various points in the flight. According to a tweet by Ms. Contino, “They switched it OFF in an effort to save gasoline till people started crying and having panic attacks.” According to Ms. Contino, the air conditioning was only turned back on after frantic passengers complained about the heat. She further asserted that passengers were not permitted to disembark the airplane since it was parked in a holding area close to the runway at the time.

American Airlines has issued the following statement on the inconvenience this situation has caused their passengers:

According to statements made by American Airlines to The Independent, the delay was the result of a mechanical problem as well as the effects of the weather that followed. Around 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, passengers began to board the aircraft; however, the flight crew soon discovered that there was a problem with the aircraft’s maintenance. “Due to lightning in the area, the flight was unable to push out from the gate in a safe manner until [5.58 pm]… In a statement given to The Independent, American Airlines reported that once the weather had cleared the field, the flight proceeded to push back and depart for JFK at [7.03pm]. The airline stated that passengers could exit the aircraft at any moment while the boarding doors were open and that once the doors were closed, passengers could purchase snacks and beverages “after a specified time.” It was not apparent whether the air hose was utilised constantly or whether it was unplugged in order to save fuel. The Independent has made inquiries to Americans in an effort to obtain further explanation. According to the airline, the aircraft remained parked at the gate with the jet bridge attached while a preconditioned air duct continued to pump out cool air into the terminal.

Later, at about 3:50 p.m., they were informed that they needed to deplane, and American stated that while they were waiting at the airport, they had access to a variety of food options. After that, around 4.30 o’clock in the afternoon, passengers boarded a second plane.

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