How did Kenyatta Scott Sr die? What happened to Kenyatta Scott Sr?

Louisiana rapper JayDa Youngun and his father Kenyatta Scott Sr were killed in Bogalusa shooting.

Bogalusa police department made a Facebook post announcing the demise of Louisiana-based rapper JayDa Youngun who died after sustaining gunshot injuries.

Another person accompanying JayDa was also shot; according to the source, he is described as a ‘close family member,’ but after our research, we find out that that person is none-other than JayDa’s father, Kenyatta Scott Sr. The post was made on behalf of the chief of the Bogalusa Police Department, Kendall Bullen.

Is JayDa Youngun dead or alive?

After multiple news sources reported about the death of JayDa Youngun, his younger sister Kenya Janell took to Twitter denying these claims. She expressed her anger at people reacting to these premature claims. She also posted the same thing on her Ig account.

This left a lot of people confused about the whole situation. But later on, the post from the Bogalusa police department cleared all the air and confirmed that JayDa Youngun died after sustaining a gunshot injury. The mastermind behind this tragedy is not yet identified, and no information regarding the motive is known.

How is Kenyatta Scott Sr?

JayDa and Kenyatta were taken to the hospital immediately via a helicopter.

The medical officers pronounced JyaDa dead, but fortunately, Kenyatta was still alive. After receiving medical attention, Kenyatta’s condition is reportedly stable, and he is recovering steadily.

JayDa is receiving tributes from the entertainment industry, fans, and admirers worldwide. We understand that this is a hard time and send our prayers and condolences to the friends and family of JayDa; he left too soon. We all wish a speedy recovery to his father, Kenyatta.

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