Is Tala Safwan Arrested? And what has happened to him?

TikToker Tala Safwan is arrested by Saudi police for making a $exually suggestive’ video

TikToker Tala Safwan has five million subscribers. she was arrested after she  instructed a  woman to visit her during the late night so  that “no one would hear her scream.”

She is an Egyptian TikToker who currently resides in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh’s capital police detained her this week. She was apprehended after making $exually provocative remarks to some other woman in a live stream and criticising her for undermining democratic norms.

Saudi Arabian security officials announced Tala Safwan’s detention on Monday

Tala Safwan is well-known and a social networking site phenomenon. She has almost 5 million TikTok followers and thousands of YouTube subscribers. however the authorities did not name Safwan, they did provide a blurriness snapshot of her TikTok live broadcast with  Saudi citizens in their post. In recent weeks, a record keeping of the video feed went viral in Saudi Arabia, sparking outrage and the hashtag “Tala offends society.”

However, police in the strictly conservative country warned that the video could endanger intensity and frequency.

With her brunette locks and engaging personality, the fresh-faced vlogger’s frothy, optimistic style is primarily directed at teenagers.

Her videos feature inventive, gutter press news items as she mentions Television shows and challenges submitted by her supporters, the majority of which are about interactions and disappointing situations.

She organises practical jokes and complexities, like so many impactful media companies all around the world.

“The Riyadh police arrested a resident who appeared in a broadcast talking to another with $exual content and suggestion that would prejudice public morals,” 

The police have regarded Safwan as a criminal proceeding.

She was seen In the video, Safwan is having a conversation with a female Saudi friend and encourages her over, attempting to claim that she is isolated in Riyadh. Her friend tends to say no, citing the time as 3:30 a.m.

“Even better, because everyone will be sleeping and won’t hear what I’m going to do to you,” Safwan responds. “They won’t hear your screams… because we’ll be having so much fun.”

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