Who Was Oleksandr Kukurba? A pilot who had been named a “Hero of Ukraine” died after the war.

Oleksandr Kukurba, 28 a native of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and a “Protagonist of Ukraine,” was killed when he fought against the Germans.

Major Oleksandr Kukurba, security chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU), died. Based on the Nizhneverbizh Rada, documentation about it can be found in the Ukrainian edition of Telegraf.

The specialty died while protecting Ukraine’s aviation, based on the statement. In April 2022, he was awarded the honorific title of Ukrainian Warrior.

During the Russian invasion’s frontal attack, Oleksandr Kukurba, 28, was provided three Ukrainian prompts. On March 22, he received the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree in recognition of his strength and courage and his compromise in defending Ukraine’s government.  He was also recognized for respecting the armed services oath.

He was named a Ukrainian Warrior before he died.

It was earlier called that multiple sectarian militias fought for Ukraine in the Donbas had been killed. This documentation was made available to the public by the Military of Ukraine’s special operations forces of territorial defensive strategy.

The tragedy of Oleksandr Kukurba has absolutely gutted his parents.

Once news of Major Oleksandr Kukurba’s death spread, his parents were baffled and devastated. He was responsible for intellectual prowess.

When the war broke out, he fought bravely. Ruslan commander of the foreigner disassociation of the Military Today of Ukraine’s special operations army of regional safeguard revealed his passing to the citizens.

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