Is Shane Dawson dead? On the birthday of a YouTuber, a death hoax spreads across Twitter.

Twitter has been inundated with rumours of YouTuber Shane Dawson’s demise. However, this is absolutely inaccurate.  In actuality, the artist is having his 34th birthday, which he announced on his Ig account.

Who is Shane Dawson? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Shane Lee Yaw, better known as Shane Dawson, is a YouTuber from the United States. Who started creating YouTube videos and had amassed over 50 million views.

What has happened to him?

This story was written roughly eight hours after the birthday post was published. It featured a happy Dawson surrounded by pink birthday decorations.

The videographer recently shared a sequence of Instagram videos.  In which he can be seen enjoying around with friends.

All the death news is disinformation. It started when Dawson had slipped off his apartment’s top, causing alarm across web users who began questioning it, causing the deception to spread online. 

The rumour of Shane Dawson’s demise concerned his followers. However, the viral claim is completely bogus.

Although there was no definitive evidence, folks thought the YouTuber had collapsed and died off his rooftop. Two films were purporting to catch the incident depicted individuals tumbling or sliding from a high place.

One footage showed a shadowy man who fell from a building’s first level as bystanders yelled in the distance.

Followers were stunned to learn the information and later tweeted to enquire. They stated that they “couldn’t believe” it was true. Fortunately, it wasn’t. According to the source, they knew his death rumour was bogus when distributing it, yet they still did it.

Others considered spreading death rumours about the founder on his birthday to be “morally corrupt.”

After being in 2020, rumours regarding Shane Dawson’s death went viral.

The hashtag #RIPShane began to spread on Twitter, fueling similar speculation.

A trustworthy media publication states, “American Youtuber Shane Dawson has died at the age of 32 #RIPShane.”

It was eventually revealed that the profile that wrote about Dawson’s death was a Paparazzi spoof account. Followers were devastated and began paying their condolences and conveying respect to the YouTuber just to discover that it was a hoax.

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