Who is Adhnon Marrtab?

CCTV captured the moment a 24-year-old rapist followed a 28-year-old lady off a London bus before $exually assaulting her in the churchyard.

A convicted rapist was given a nine-year sentence for stalking and attacking a single woman after she returned home from the hospital. Adhnon Marrtab made $exually suggestive remarks to the woman and then chased her into a church courtyard, where he assaulted her on October 25 of last year. After police released a photo of the suspect, the 24-year-old was identified and apprehended. A bite mark on Marrtab’s shoulder corroborated the victim’s story to police, leading to his guilty plea for rape and s*xual assault. At 3:45 a.m., after being released from the hospital, the 28-year-old victim was on her way home when she was attacked by Marrtab.

As soon as she got off the bus at Golders Green station, she walked across the street to a convenience store and then boarded another bus that would take her the rest of the way home. The man she later learned to be named Marrtab was crossing the street and heading in her direction when she saw him. The woman tried to stop him from talking to her by shouting at him, but he leaned over and grabbed the phone from her hand. And as she pushed him away and ran, he grabbed her and kept on following her, all the while making lewd comments.

About the victim:

The victim was raped and assaulted by Marrtab in a churchyard before she escaped by jumping over a high fence and seeking help. After the crime, the Met’s forensic specialists and the police collaborated closely to find the perpetrator. Camera footage from a bus revealed that Marrtab had used his Oyster card to join the vehicle. After questioning him further, police were able to collect his travel details and examine the resulting pattern. The police databases began marking him as wanted, and the chase began.

Accusations made against the accused:

On October 31, 2021, with the assistance of the Met’s Violent Crime Task Force, Marrtab was apprehended outside a hotel in Wembley and subsequently charged with various offences.

Marrtab was taken into custody after his arrest, and a search of his person turned up a huge bite mark on his shoulder. After the crime, the Met’s forensic specialists and the police worked very closely to determine who the perpetrator was. The police databases began marking him as wanted, and the chase began. Marrtab was captured outside a hotel in Wembley on October 31, 2021, thanks to the efforts of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Violent Crime Task Force. A thorough inspection of Marrtab’s body after his capture revealed a significant bite mark on his shoulder.

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