Kasia Galliano Dies: The mysterious death of a former Qatari princess

The former princess of Qatar, Kasia Galliano, was born in Los Angeles and of Polish origin, married to Abdelaziz bin Khalifa al – Thani in 2004, was the uncle of the Emir of Qatar. They were separated due to some reasons which are not currently public. Galliano lived in Spain with her three daughters. Her former husband is a former government minister in Qatar, but he lived in France for many years. Also, the three daughters lived with him.

The reason for death is still unclear. Kasia Galliano once claimed that her former husband had sexually assaulted his eldest daughter. They always had a conflict on this issue, but her husband always denied it. They have been in a legal battle for years over their children. Kasia Galliano’s former husband claimed that she was addicted to alcohol; on the other hand, she claimed he abused her and their children most of the time. 

Expected reason for death-

According to reports, Kasia Galliano was found dead at her house in Marbella, Spain, by the police. After investigation, they also claimed that her body had no signs of physical violence primary reason for her death is to be told as an overdose of drugs. As her daughters lived with their father, the eldest daughter tried to contact Kasia Galliano, but as she could not connect with her and had no response from her, she decided to complain to the police. 

After the investigation, she was found to be dead. The final reports are still pending and will be released after post mortem, but the initial investigations indicate that she died due to a drug overdose. 

Love towards children-

As Kasia Galliano was away from her daughters, she would always post and share how much she loved their daughters via social media. Some of the lines were as follows: “My darlings. Never forget that I love you so much. Life is filled with hard times and good times. This was the post made by Kasia Galliano, uploading a picture with her three daughters on Instagram. Her children are the ones who will be missing her the most.   

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