Katie Ledecky: Transgender controversy regarding participation in different competitions

The President of World Athletics is Sebastian Coe. He told the BBC that the organization’s council discussed the regulation regarding competitions at the end of the year. FIFA is taking guidance from legal, scientific, medical, performance, and human rights experts. 

Swimming center officials passed some rules regarding gender restrictions in which they restrict transgender participation in women’s events. On Monday, World Athletics and World football’s governing body FIFA said they are reviewing their policies regarding gender eligibility. 

Swimming’s world governing officials restrict the participation of third-gender athletes in women’s competitions. They are thinking of creating some opportunities in different events for transgender as a part of its new policy. The new policy mentions that male-to-female transgender swimmers can compete in women’s swimming competitions if they are comfortable passing all the levels.

Consultation policy regarding this:-

FIFA told Reuters that the process is consulting over a new policy. The spokesperson of FIFA said they are reviewing its gender criteria with expert stakeholders. 

Due to the pending decision, FIFA does not agree with all of your answers, and to comment on some issues, they also said that they would raise their regulations at the end of the year. 

Approval and disapproval of the decision:- 

Coe praised FINA for taking this decision, but trans rights advocates criticized this decision. Coe said that some decisions are good for the community as we have seen a change in international federations, as they take the most favorable decisions in the best interest of their sport. 

This decision is good and scientific because we all believe that biology trumps gender, and we should make rules regarding gender. They said they would continue to research abouts growing bodies and that testosterone is a key determinant in physical activity.

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