Ozzy Osbourne family members visited him at the hospital on Monday afternoon

Ozzy Osbourne’s family members Sharon Osbourne and his pregnant daughter Kelly visited Ozzy in the hospital on Monday, 13th June afternoon. They did not reveal the exact reason, but they amid that Ozzy had a ho thought of an operation.

About Ozzy Osbourne- who is he?

Ozzy Osbourne is a famous personality on television. He is an English Singer and also a songwriter. He was born in the year 1948, on 3rd December. After starting his career, he gained popularity when he was a lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath; In that period, also he adopted a new name. 

At that time, he was known as the Prince of Darkness. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Due to this reason, in 1979, he was fired from the band Black Sabbath. After the Black Sabbath band fired him, he started his career as a solo personality. 

He composed 12 songs along with a more famous music album. After that, he composed and directed some music videos also. 

Ozzy Osbourne

What happened to Ozzy? 

His family members said that Ozzy had an injury during a quad biking accident in 2003; after that, he went through medical checkups, but in 2019, he fell, which required 15 screws to be inserted into his spine. 

To talk about his injury, he said that he has some nerve problems for his medical checkup and operation in the year 2019. On 13th June, Monday afternoon, his wife and daughter visited him at the hospital. 

It is reported that he was admitted to the hospital for some days during his operation. And in the coming days, he has an operation too. Sharon did not elaborate on the surgery, but Ozzy previously stated that he was awaiting neck surgery. 

He told Classic Rock magazine in May that he “can’t walk these days properly.” “Every morning, I undergo physical therapy.” I’m getting better, but not nearly enough to get back on the road.” 

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