Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson responds to an Australian newspaper threat.

Rebel Wilson, star of Pitch Perfection, respectively responds to the Australian publication’s threats to expose her as queer.

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About Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Wilson recently emerged as queer and announced her relationship with a well-known designer named Ramona Agruma; she spoke to an Australian newspaper about a story that sparked outrage on social media, with far too many LGBTQIA+ activists and others accusing the journal of pressuring Wilson to come forward.

Rebel Wilson nowadays reappeared on social networking sites steadily over the past Friday, posting a selfie of herself with her well-known boyfriend Ramona Agruma, with the remark, “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince. Perhaps what I truly wanted all this time was a Disney Character.”

The Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece by journalist Andrew Hornery days after Rebel Wilson revealed her relationship, saying that they set her two various ultimatums to respond to her primary relationship, which she has not revealed publicly.

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson responds to an Australian newspaper threat.

“Very Hard Situation”: Actor Rebel Wilson Reacts To “Outing” Controversy:

Rebel Wilson’s determination to not collaborate with the publication on announcing their partnership is addressed in Hornery’s article. “She chose Facebook to skip the beautiful story,” Hornery added, “posting about his new ‘Disney Character.'” Wilson’s prior relationship with a guy is also addressed inside the open end.

Nevertheless, the piece was highly criticized on social networking sites, with LGBTQ+ activists suggesting that putting a lot of pressure on people to come out was unacceptable. 

“Our monthly Confidential Sydney celeb column the other week asked Wilson if she wanted to remark about her new lover,” Wilson stated in a statement, according to People. “If Wilson’s new companion had been a guy, we would have asked these questions,” he authored. “It is inaccurate to argue that Herald ‘unmasked’ Wilson.”

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