The 3 Kids of Hawaii Mom Who Lived at Vermont Farm of Ezra Miller with Easily Accessible of Guns

Through a new report in Rolling Stone, a Hawaii father said that he is very conscious about his young children who are surviving with their mother on the Vermont farm of an actor who is claiming those guns, as well as marijuana, is attainable to them without any effort.

The young children’s dad said he got the worst feeling in his stomach as their mother told Rolling Stone that Ezra Miller gives a haven of healing for themselves and their kids. Claims against the great personality star named Ezra Miller will continue to mount.

What does Rolling Stone magazine say?

According to Rolling Stone magazine, a 25-year-old lady currently lives with her three kids. And the age of their kids is from 1 to 5 years old. According to the sources of information, Ezra Miller, who is 29 years old, has aided her in getting away from what she told about his abusive ex, as well as expressed gratitude for the safe and secured environment.

The mother told Rolling Stone magazine about Ezra Miller, who may have weapons for self-defense, and they are hidden in the part of their house so that their children never go inside. 

What does the Hawaii Court inform?

According to the Hawaii court records, which Rolling Stone obtained, the mother suffered one case of domestic abuse against the father in 2021. This case was closed down when both failed to establish a court appearance. Their father has denied all abuse allegations. 

However, In April, the father filed a case of domestic abuse against their mother, which was related to her taking care of their children and going for their outing to the States, but that case is yet to be finished.

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