The third autopsy in the death case of Debanhi Escobar leaves more unanswered questions.

The mysterious death of a young woman named Debanhi Escobar shocked Mexico. She died in a motel cistern in Nuevo Leon in April. The latest and third autopsy report on Monday indicates that she died due to asphyxia by suffocation.

The autopsy report doesn’t suggest what blocked her mouth and nose. Debanhi was 18 years old at the time of her death.

What went down?

Things started to unveil when a motel employee complained about a foul smell coming from the cistern. When the search started for Debanhi initially, nothing was found, but after that complaint from the employee when the cistern was checked, the body of Debanhi was found.

After looking into surveillance cameras, it is noted that after entering the motel, Debanhi started wandering around and eventually went in the direction where three cisterns are located. Her body was found in one cistern, her handbag in the second one, and her phone in the third cistern.

What do previous autopsies suggest?

The head medical examiner of Nuevo Leon State initially said that Debanhi died due to a blow on her head and was alive when she entered the cistern and did not have water in her lungs.

The second autopsy requested by Debanhi’s family suggested that she had been $exually assaulted and murdered. The third and most recent one denies the claims of possible $exual assault and murder in the second autopsy and states that she died due to suffocation.

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