Where is Joanna Hayes Now? Who is Joanna Hayes?

Know all about the latest ID’s American Monster; mother-in-law Joanna Hayes.

The heinous homicide of Heather Strube by her mother-in-law Joanna Hayes will air on ID’s American Monster. The program, produced by Bill Thomas and scripted by Bruce Kennedy, is about assassins on America’s street corners who hide behind the most unsuspecting grin. It includes not every surveillance video nor conversations with family, friends, and bystanders.

Everything we know about Joanna Hayes:

Joanna Hayes, currently 56, labored in the industry and had been Heather Strube’s mother-in-law. She sometimes used to supplement her income by selling bouquets for her daughter-in- law’s business. Everything was doing well until Joanna opted to choose the scenic route suddenly.

Joanna Hayes had been accused in 2011 of fatally shooting her daughter-in-law, Heather Strube, on April 26, 2009, in a Target parking garage in Snellville. According to authorities, the Luthersville lady was dressed in a hairdo and mustache. 

She approached Heather because she had been strapping her toddler kid (who was of only nine months) into something like a booster seat. Joanna subsequently attempted to murder Heather in the skull short range.

How was the plot set for the deadly event?

Heather and Steven gathered throughout the nearby Store parking structure to give along with Carson from Steven to Heather. 

According to the authorities, Joanna detested her daughter-in-law and did not want Heather to get guardianship of her grandchild during her son’s imminent relationship breakdown.

Steven Strube’s dad owned a.38 caliber Lady Rossi 5 shotgun used in the crime. He stated that his mom, Joanna Hayes, often keeps this in her handbag.

Joanna Hayes had been sentenced to life imprisonment after already being convicted of a crime of premeditated homicide, voluntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and discharging a firearm used during the commission of crimes.

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