Who is Aleksandr Ionov? Russian man charged with US political influence

A Russian man was charged with years-long malign of puppeteering politics in cities like Florida, California, and Georgia. According to Federal authorities, he meddled in American elections and tried to spread pro-Russia Propaganda.  

His name is said to be Aleksandr Viktorovich; federal agents make the accusations against Aleksandr of the Uhuru Movement’s Headquarters in St Petersburg, Florida.

In addition, according to a justice department statement, Aleksandr has been conspiring to portray US citizens as illegal agents of the Russian Government.

More about Uhuru Movement:

The Uhuru Movement was started by the African People’s socialist party, which aims to unite African people as one for the causes of liberation, economic development, social justice, and self-reliance.

In a news conference, a Uhuru leader came forward and dismissed the raid as an attempt to isolate the Africans fighting for their liberation and openly supported Russia.

The movement headquarters was in the news recently due to some unrelated reason. He was later arrested when a man burned a flag flying outside the building with a flamethrower.

Claims of Justice Department:

According to the Justice Department, Aleksandr financially funded the groups related to this case to get them to print Pro-Russia lies and act accordingly to fulfill Russian interests. 

Department claims that Aleksandr acted on behalf of FSP, the Russian intelligence agency. He also allegedly used the Florida political group under his control to mess up with elections held in St Petersburg.

Authorities also said that apart from Aleksandr, at least three other Russian officials were involved in targeting the US from December 2014 to march 2022. The Russian embassy in the US has not commented on the matter.

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