How did Inez Haereata Kingi die? What happened to Inez Haereata Kingi?

Inez Haereata Kingi: ‘Rotorua’s queen of Māori health’ leaves the Earth peacefully

Inez Haereata Kingi, dubbed “Rotorua’s Queen of Maori Health,” passed away unexpectedly at 91. Kingi died quietly on Wednesday at Ohinemutu, accompanied by her whanau. She seemed to have been a crusader for child welfare and was in charge of establishing various Mori health care services. Kingi, raised in the lakefront town of Ohinemutu, began her career as a university nurse practitioner and was involved with numerous Mori healthcare and women’s organizations.

The prominent achievements made by her:

She advocated for something like the Tnohop medical center for decades, which debuted in 1986 with a revolutionary idea that combined Mori’s healthy lifestyle and conventional medicine.

“When someone you’ve worked with and known for many years dies away, and you know she was a very hard task master like Nurse Cameron, at the time of her passing, we couldn’t think of anything acceptable to perpetuate her memory.”

Kingi stated that Cameron’s intention in retaining Mori somewhat on marae would have been to build a medical clinic.

She stated that all individuals contributed to the center’s finances. “We formed our own fund, we taxed each member who came to the monthly meetings, $2 every meeting, and we started this tiny pot.” 

The revolutionary campaigns led by Inez Haereata Kingi:

In the 1990s, she was instrumental in establishing the Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Foundation, an addiction recovery agency, after noting that several freshly jobless workers were resorting to liquor.

She established Hei Oranga Niho mo te Iwi Mori in 1997 to assist Mori with various dentistry requirements. Medical students in one’s fifth year of school have the opportunity to gain practical engagement by enabling free preventive treatment to the population.

In 2000, Kingi was awarded the New Zealand Honorary title for her contributions to Mori healthcare essential for self. She was also awarded a Queen’s Service Order for her continuous contributions to the Primary Health Care Association.

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