Who is Raimohan Parida Wife? Raimohan sent  his  Last Message To His Wife And Daughter

Ever since the death news of   Ollywood industry, his fans and family have been morning the death of their favorite star.  His sudden death is devasting for his family and fans.

Who was Raimohan Parida?

Raimo is a renowned actor who briefly acts in the Bengali and Odia film industries. In the Odia film business, Raimohan was a well-known actor. He was renowned for playing villainous characters.

He was raised in Raimohan, Keonjhar District, where he also received his education. After graduating from Karanjia College, he enrolled at Utal Sangeeta Mahavidyalaya in Bhubaneswar to continue his acting career. There, he studied theatre.

What was the cause of his death?

The famous actor is known for his acting skills and for playing negative roles. Online sources confirm the cause of his death. As per the police reports, he was discovered.  He was hanging from a ceiling. He was alone at home when this incident happened in the morning. Before committing suicide, he sent a text to his wife and daughter. 

He left a message to his daughter before succumbing to death. Netizens are curious to know what was the last message  Raimohan Parida sent to his family member. 


There is no information regarding, however, as per the police department.  He bid his final goodbye to his wife and daughter . he was not in a condition to type anything but a simple bye message.

A police officer at the Mancheswar police station stated, “He was found hanging from a rope attached to the roof in his residence.

It is still uncertain why he took such drastic action. His wife and two daughters have survived him.

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