Who is Zhou Guanyu? What happened to Zhou Guanyu?

George Russell responds to the terrible Zhou Guanyu collision during the British GP.

Mercedes driver George Russell revealed his thoughts on the terrible crash involving Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo. As his car crossed a tire wall and over tyre barricades into the catch netting, its rolling backboard saved him. The car rebounded and came to rest in a moderate position.

The collision also involved four additional people. Zhou, Russell, and Albon were all sent to the district’s local hospital. Later, Albon was transported by aircraft to Coventry Hospital for additional safety measures. Later, the Thai driver was sent off.

What was the incident’s cause?

The Mercedes collided with Guaynu’s Alfa Romeo during the opening lap of the race at Silverstone, causing the Chinese driver’s car to spin and smash into the fences.

All drivers have been brought to the hospital and are breathing, according to a notification from the FIA. Additionally, Guanyu and Albon would be assessed, according to the statement.

“Zhou and Albon have been sent to the hospital. Both were awake and would be assessed, the notice claimed.

“There are no fractures, Zhou is speaking, and he is conscious. Given the conditions, he performs reasonably well.”

According to recordings of the racing, Russell started seventh, drove to his right after a shaky start and collided with Zhou’s Alfa Romeo as the two racers attempted to keep ahead of Pierre Gasly.

As a result, Zhou’s car swerved off the road, forcing other cars into a series of less damaging crashes. Gasly struck the rear of Russell’s car, causing it to fly and slam into Zhou’s car, spinning it over.  Zhou was carried to the hospital centre for additional evaluations while hanging upside down in his vehicle.

After a quick response by rescue workers and a medical evaluation back at the raceway healthcare facility.

The race was resumed in the original base order after a pause of almost one hour, with the field lowered to 17 due to the event.

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