How to Elisabeth Sauer Die? What happened to Elisabeth Sauer?

Elisabeth Sauer and another woman died in the red sea

We have seen that most of the accidents also took place. Place on the water bodies such as canals, rivers, and sea, and now we hear that two women are found dead on the red sea. One woman’s name is unknown, but some people say Elisabeth Sauer is the other woman. 

She is the first victim of that sea. Egyptian authorities have declared that another lifeless body was discovered and pulled out of the Red Sea, and the green party said that she is Elisabeth Sauer, and her age is 68, and she’s from Kramsach.

How this accident took place:-

On a reef in Sahl Hasheesh, south of Hurghada, a corpse was discovered on Friday, according to eyewitnesses. Egyptian police took that body out of the water surface .one woman is still unknown. Still, some people assume that she was a visitor visiting the Premiere Le Reve five-star hotel. 

The green party identified local councilors in Kramsach, Tyrol, and Elisabeth Sauer. And before the incident, she said to her partner that she would be back in some time, but then she went, and water became fiery red and then no one to save her after they took her and went to the doctor then the doctor said that she died of a heart attack and could not survive.

Some personal details about Elisabeth Sauer:-

She was there with her Egyptian partner for some time. The Die Grünen Kramsach statement read that they are very sad about the loss of Elisabeth Sauer, who died while bathing in a very horrible way. 

We also pay condolences to all the members whose one family mner lost in these incidents. They further added that Elisabeth Sauer had served as a councilor from 1998 to 2004, and she was the candidate of GR for many years, letting her remain in the peace.

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