YouTuber Ethan Klein is banned from YouTube for a week

Ethan Klein was banned for a week from YouTube after his statement triggered the audience. He is banned for a week, and his episode saying the statement is also removed. 

Ethan Klein Wiki, Age, Biography

Ethan Klein is a popular YouTuber, writer, producer, and director and makes videos for his YouTube channel with his wife, Hila Klein. They both won a YouTube channel named h3h3 productions, and they also have had a podcast platform, h3 podcast, since 2017. He is always in the news and is an internet sensation. Ethan Klein was born on 24th June 1985 in Ventura, California, United States. 

Ethan Klein completed his graduation from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He married Hila Klein in the year 2012. They have a son named by their marriage Bruce Klein who was born on 3rd February 2022. Ethan opened his YouTube channel in the year 2011.

After his wedding to Hila, the husband-wife duo runs their YouTube channel together. They have 6.21 million subscribers with 315 videos. On their channel, they mostly post reaction videos and comedy satire videos. 

Ethan passed a statement in the joke form after a certain incident. People were showing hatred on his videos and didn’t like it. So YouTube removed that video and banned him from YouTube for one week. 

Ethan Klein is banned for a week from YouTube: 

Ethan Klein is a YouTube sensation and always in controversy. This is not the first time YouTube has removed or banned him from YouTube. Ethan made a video on the incident in the US where 19 children and two teachers were found dead. In that video, he passed the statement of bombing the NRA building more funnily, but how it was addressed was not good, and the audience showed hatred towards it. 

After so much hate for his video, YouTube has banned him for a week and removed his video on Monday, 30th May 2022. Ethan also tweeted many things and admitted that he had also received death threats after his short clip went viral on Twitter from his YouTube video.

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