How did Franco Casalini die? What happened to Franco Casalini?

Coach Franco Casalini died at the age of 70

It is heartbroken for all who like to watch or play basketball because one of the coaches who served his approx whole 0 to guide and teach the winning team, Olimpia Milano, died at 70. 

Most of the people of that area are not at all expecting his death as sudden, and the reason for his death is also very unclear, which is very normal because we can only expect his family to tell us the real cause of his death. Still, at this time, they might not be in the condition to express anything, so we did not know the reason.

How had he contributed to the  team Olimpia Milano:

First of all, he served as a youth coach, and after which, in 1987, he joined the main team in the position of head coach Dan Peterson, and with the help of his working partner, he managed to empower the Italian club against the front of European basketball. 

And when he was in his last year, the duo won most of them, for example, the Italian Cup, the FIBA Club World Cup, Champions Cup, and the tricolor. And achieving so many things in such a short time, he was promoted to the head coach.

View of other people about Franco Casalini:-

Coach Pederson described him in a perfect way. He said that Franco was in love with Olimpia, which we have also seen because he had done many things and achieved many goals. 

He was a perfect and loyal friend, and no one can say they can do better by seeing their matches. Coach Mike D’Antoni said that he had a good combination of intelligence and sensitivity, and both had very good moments.

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