Kara Robinson Chamberlain was a fighter and inspiration for the world.

Kara Robinson, the chamberlain, a victim of $exual assault, turns out as an influential and leading woman in our community. She has helped many women share their stories in front of people to gain confidence in themselves.

She developed a website where she could tell her own story of what she had been through and to make people more aware of $exual assault in our community.

Kara Robinson chamberlain’s incident:

When Kara was 15, around 2002, she was once at her friend’s house watering the plants in the front yard when a car came by, and a man in that car offered her a pamphlet. He also asked questions about her, like if her parents were home or not and if her friend’s mum was home. 

When she told him that her friend’s mum was not at home, he pulled out the gun on her neck and forced her to get in his car with him. At the time, she was at her survival instinct and tried her best to escape that situation. 

The kidnapper took him to his apartment and assaulted her for 18 hours. She still managed to keep her emotions to plan an escape, and she succeeded in that. She then ran straight to the police station to inform them about him. 

The police officer then came with him to his apartment, where a lot of newspaper was a staple on the board from which there was news about Sofia Sylvia, sister Kati, and Kristine lisk. 

They all were kidnapped five years before the Kara incident and later found out that he was Evonitz, a serial killer who had assaulted and killed all of these girls. He tried to escape from there, where he ended up shooting himself when there was no way out.

Kara’s step toward women’s safety:

Kara said that this incident affected her life a lot. She later started working as a resource officer in school. Then as an investigator in the child abuse department. Now, she is a 35-year-old woman working for many women who have been through this to help them gain confidence back and live their life freely.

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