Lauren Goodger announces the passing of her infant daughter Lorena.

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger referred to Lorena as “my angel” and stated that she was mourning her loss with her ex-partner Charles Drury and her daughter Larose, who is “helping me get through this otherwise I wouldn’t survive.”

When and how did Lauren Goodger announce the death of her infant daughter?

Lauren Goodger has revealed the passing of her newborn daughter Lorena barely two days after her delivery. The former TOWIE star posted a black-and-white photo of herself holding her child’s hand along with a message expressing her grief over the loss of her child. Goodger stated that she had no complications during pregnancy or labour and that Lorena was born healthy.

Lauren Goodger released a statement regarding her daughter’s passing:

A week ago, the reality star paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean, who was reportedly killed in a car accident in Turkey. Goodger’s second pregnancy was announced in January, just eight weeks after the birth of her first child, Larose.

She wrote in her message, “Lorena R.I.P. 08.07.22 she was the most beautiful, healthy baby I have ever seen, just like her sister @babylarose.x… As a mother who carried and gave birth to a healthy child for nine months, it is incomprehensible that my angel should be taken from me. There were no pregnancy or labour complications, and she was healthy and well; however, I will not go into further detail at this time; suffice it to say that there was nothing wrong with her or me; she was perfect. I am inconsolable because she is so incredibly beautiful and so similar to her twin sister Larose…

The 35-year-old revealed that she and her ex-partner Charles Drury were now back at home after spending as much time as possible with their daughter, but that she “hadn’t said my goodbyes yet.” She requested privacy while her family grieves and plans the funeral for the infant. Goodger also stated that she will be spending time with her daughter Larose, referring to her as “my rock” and stating, “[she] is carrying me through this or I won’t survive.”

She concluded her message by stating, “I will never ever get over this, but I will learn how to live each day with Lorena in my heart. She will always be with me, and I will see her again one day… My Lorena I love you so much.”

Drury wrote in response to the post, “She will always be with us.” Other celebrities and stars of the reality television show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), which follows the ups and downs of a group of friends living in Essex, expressed their condolences to the grieving star. Amy Childs wrote, “Sending you love,” Charlotte Crosby said, “I’m devastated,” and Lydia Lucy added, “I’m so sorry.”

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