Netflix Originals: The New Season of Squid Game

The song that is named Gi-hun aka player that is known to be a number 456, performed as Lee Jung-Jae, and also The Front Man that is popular as a mysterious character was played by Lee Byung-hun, both will reprise their amazing roles, as according to director of squid game named Hwang Dong-hyuk. 

In Detail about the new season of Squid Game:

The famous Netflix series named Squid Game, the hit Korean survival drama series has been formally renewed for its second season by Netflix originals, with author Hwang Dong-hyuk telling audiences, “A whole new round would be coming”. According to the director.

“Mr. Hwang also disclosed that the character Lee Jung-Song Jae’s Gi-hun, whose nickname is no 456, and also the second most wanted character Lee Byung-The Hun’s Front Man, a mystery character, will reprise respective appearances. He also previewed the comeback of the Gong Yoo, who used to play an unnamed figure inside the ‘Squid Game,’ a sequence of Korean children’s games with a deadly twist wherein the last remaining player will be given a big amount as 45.6 billion won in money.

The acclaimed director thanked viewers for appreciating his series, which only premiered twelve years after it had also been planned, in a letter shared on Netflix’s social media pages late Sunday night.

squid game

Some revealing facts about season 2:

“Last year was the series’ the first season; Squid Game has taken around twelve years to make it up. Squid Game, a well-known series on the other extreme, just needed twelve days to become the most successful Netflix series in history. A tremendous shout-out to fans worldwide from the author, producer, and creator of the series named Squid Game. Thanks for taking the time to watch and appreciate our show.

“And now Gi-hun seems to have arrived. The Front Guy is coming. Season 2 is on the way. Mr Hwang believed that “the man in black with Dadaji” could come.

In this season, the viewers will meet Cheol-us, the boyfriend of the famous character Young-hee, the big eerie doll who found to generate the lasers inside his eyes in the very first round of opening and the popular series of Squid Game season one ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ according to the director, who is also famous for Korean films including such Suppressed and Miss Granny.

Mr. Hwang stated previously that he was in discussions with Netflix for a “second season as well as season third” 6 months ago.

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