How did Alvin YEO die? What happened to Alvin YEO?

Alvin YEO, senior counsel and chairman of WongPartnership, is dead. What’s the truth in the news?

WongPartnership LLP’s Chairperson and veteran Manager is Alvin YEO, Senior Legal Representation. He was the youngest Junior Advocate nominated to Singapore’s Supreme Court in 2000, at 37. His primary practice fields include financial, enterprise, and construction lawsuits and adjudication.

Educational profile and Alvin’s successful career:

Alvin first received his bachelor’s degree from the University of London’s Imperial college. In 1987, he enrolled in the British Bar (Gray’s Inn), then in 1988, he was enrolled in that same Singapore Bar.

Alvin is a representative of the SIAC Council and the ICC Panel and a Fellow of something like the Asian Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, the Singapore Academy of Arbitrators, and the Singapore Institute of Administrators. He was previously a representative of the LCIA Jury and the IBA Arbitration Committee. 

He is, however, a participant of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, the International Institute for Resolving Disputes, the Korea Commercial Arbitration Commission, the Shenzhen Appellate body Arbitration, and indeed the Singapore Society of Athletics Arbitrators’ arbitration boards.

The professional heights and political career of Alvin:

Alvin has worked on many governmental panels that have already performed in-depth assessments of the law services industry. He serves on the Singapore Medical Council, the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board Chairman’s Panel, the Sovereign Currency of Singapore’s Petition Advisory Panel, and the National University of Singapore’s Center for International Law Council.

Alwyn was a member of the House of Commons from 2006 to 2015 and served as Deputy and Chairperson of the Administration’s Parliamentary Home and Judiciary Review panel on several instances. He is indeed an independent non-executive director of numerous Singapore-listed firms.

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