How to Robb Hanrahan Die? What happened to Robb Hanrahan?

Robb Hanrahan, the anchor with a 38-year long career in journalism, passes away at 60

A former CBS 21 news presenter Robb Hanrahan, a mainstay of media in the Harrisburg area for almost a decade, died on Monday, aged 60, the channel confirmed. In 2003, Hanrahan co-anchored CBS4 News at 5, 6, and 11 p.m. with Maggie Rodriguez. 

In 2006, Hanrahan and the CBS4 News crew received a National Edward R. Murrow Award for reporting a massacre at Miami International Airport. His family was his spouse, Stacey, and their two children, a son, and a daughter.

Hanrahan’s golden livelihood in journalism-

Hanrahan had worked as a primetime presenter and hosted the mainstream political talk show “Face the State.” He left the channel in early 2021 owing to medical complications after suffering a significant cardiac arrest in 2020.

“Robb’s accomplishments to CBS 21 and the incredible relationships he formed with everyone else who labored at the facility are unmatched,” the channel said. “He’ll be sorely missed. “Stacey Hanrahan, Hanrahan’s spouse, was also employed at CBS 21 as a meteorologist and associate news director until last year.

Rob’s struggle with his heart ailment-

Hanrahan revealed to PennLive immediately following his resignation that his heartbeat had paused repeatedly two times during a cardiovascular attack on June 18, 2020, describing the relatively close death encounter as “the most meaningful, enlightening event I’ve ever had.”

Hanrahan had a 38-year media career, beginning as a public television journalist at multiple stations in Miami and New York City before joining CBS 21 in 2010. The year before, Hanrahan told PennLive that the pressure of regular constraints and his serious illness drove him to leave, but regional reporting will always be his greatest accomplishment. 

“You know what I’m proud most of? Doing the everyday work that everyday local journalists do,” Hanrahan said. “I had my shots at the network and things like that, but I always felt it was really important that local news continues,” he said.

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